Installation of JDK and Apache Maven

Apache Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for developing Java applications. Maven is written in Java, So as a prerequisite we need to have Java installed and configured properly in the system. Installation of Java has been explained above, please have a look.

Steps to Install Maven:-

1. Verify if Java is installed and path variable are configured in properly in the environment variable.

For Java Installation please follow the steps mentioned above. To verify Java if is installed and path is configured properly, please open the command prompt and run “echo %JAVA_HOME%”. You should get an output like this:-

2. Download the latest version of Apache Maven from the download page

Maven Download link

You can also access earlier versions using the archives link mentioned on the download page. For windows choose to download the zipped version as it would be easier to unzip.

3. Unzip the zipped file and place it to a location where you want to keep Maven.

4. Open Environment variable and add a variable MAVEN_HOME as below.

Search for environment variables in Windows search bar at the bottom left corner of your screen

Click on the environments variables as shown below:-

On the system variables section, click on new and add MAVEN_HOME as below:-

Click on New button to add MAVEN_HOME

Add Maven_Home to the environment variable

5. Select existing Path variable and click on edit. Add new path to point to Maven bin folder in the Path variable:-
Update the path variable to add MAVEN bin path
6. Verify Maven by running “maven – -version” command in command prompt

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